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1. What is an EM Lock (Electromagnetic Lock) and how does it function?

An EM Lock is a device used to control the access through a door. The electromagnet is mounted to a door frame and the armature plate affixed to the door. When energized, the electromagnet attracts and “grabs” the armature plate with a retention force that may exceed 1000lbs., thus effectively locking the door. When input voltage is shut off, the armature plate is released thus the door is open.

2. What is the operating voltage for an EM Lock?

Electromagnets are normally operated by either 12Vdc or 24Vdc. It is extremely safe as it operates on low DC voltages. 

3. When and where to use magnetic locks?

The EM Lock has been used on almost every door and frame in almost every type facility e.g. EM Locks are ideal for interior wooden or aluminium / glass storefront type doors. When life safety is the utmost concern, EM Lock is the best locking device used.

4. What are the main criteria of selecting an EM Lock?

The main parameter to look for is power consumption and the true holding force of the electromagnet vs the armature plate. The lower power consumption the longer the backup battery would last. The higher the true holding force the better is the lock.

5. What about ALGATEC EM Locks?

ALGATEC Locks are equipped with all necessary standard features plus extended features which are not offer by other makers in the industry. E.g. The electromagnet and the armature plate are specially plated to resist corrosion for ordinary door use applications. Another exceptional feature of ALGATEC Locks is instantaneous release with our in-built electronic device**

6. Why would I choose an ALGATEC EM Lock over a mechanical lock?

ALGATEC EM Lock offers the user more flexibility and convenience than mechanical locks. Various methods can be used to control an EM lock which can eliminate the need for carrying keys. Remote unlocking of a door, logging door users and times of entrance / exit are all possible. 

7. I want to use an EM lock but the door is full glass, is this possible?

Yes, ALGATEC had provided various type of mounting bracket to use with EM Lock & suit to your door.


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